Friday, August 11, 2006


Hello fellow bloggers! =)

Nope, this won't be a blog about my life, well not exactly...but it'll be about my knitting life ;) I started to learn knitting only earlier this year, thanks to R a i n =) It is definitely a therapy for me considering the workload and stress from uni life...Knitting can go on for hours...Revision can go on for minutes :P The perception that I had about knitting before this - that it was only for old grannys sitting on rocking chair out on a porch with a cat playing with the ball of wool! hehee..didn't know that it would be SO MUCH FUN!!

To date...uh..i have only one FO but it was a gift for someone so I can't post a pic of it here...It was a lacy scarf knitting with maroon yarn..As of now i'm working on another scarf using gorgeous purple yarn and i can't wait to finish it! looking forward to blocking it tooo!

By the way, I'm still a student (yep! till further notice...) so I can't exactly splash my allowance on yarn...siiighhh...PLUS yarns that we get around here are expensive!!!! wish we had like a store where they sell cheap but good yarn for like a buck or two (yeah! dream on!).....

so what else??? ahh yes i hope to finish the top that i started..............4 months ago..soon! hehee...had to put it off for quite some time cos of assignments, reports, assignments, exams bla bla bla...

ahh yes i know how to crochet too but knitting is much more fun!! whooppss time's up...gotta go for class! will post again soon!



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