Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Scarf Swap!

ahh finally my 2nd post...gosh not having internet at home sucks!! hopefully it will get installed soon, i'm still new at blogging so still learning on how to jazz up my blog.....

ugh and having to deal with rude and conniving b***** just ruin the day, don't it???

well at least there's something else for me to get excited about...my FIRST EVER scarf swap!! it's actully my first swap swap...have never done this before so i'm super excited about it! AND i finally know who i'm knitting for! can't wait to start knitting a funky scarf!

oh yeeahh i finished my SECOND FO too!! uhh..not exactly, i need to block it but right now it's preeeetty =) =) I used mohair which is purple in colour, a yarn which was tooo pretty for me to crochet anything with it...ahh yess i got it when i was in Dubai! *yeah i wish Al Satwa is near R a i n!* Got that yarn when i started learning crochet and now it's a knitted scarf!! Can't wait to see how it'll turn out after I block it...yeah R a i n, i need to borrow ur steam iron hehee!! nope, no pics yet sorryyy...gonna try and take a good pic of it cos so far, with my mobile, the colour looks aweful in the pic..soo...

oppss! chocolate crossaint calling! gotta goooo!


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