Friday, August 18, 2006

In love with yaaarn!

I just bumped into Scout's Hand Painted Swag by chance and oh my gosh I love the yarns! The colours are B-E-A-YOUUTIFULL!! Plus it's a funky site too!! After converting the prices in US dollars x MYR3.80 = unaffordable! :( siighh...But they are just gorgeous! gorgeous!! I want to try to hand dye my own yarn one day...yes, one day!

This is one of the yarns that is on sale. It's called Petunias (sooo sweet!). I just love the different shades of purple!

Ah yes I was sooo excited when my funky scarf swap pal (okay that's a mouthful to pronounce, whew!) emailed me!!! YES and a big HIIII to you!! Can't wait till I actually get the scarf! Hope the questionaire gave you an idea as to what I like =) and to all the others who are part of the funky scarf swap, have fun knitting!!!

This weekend I've got a few things to do, hmmm:
1. Get funky yarn and pattern for scarf swap
2. Paint my room
3. Get stuff for stitch markers swap
4. C
lean my room (yeah, like that's gonna happen!)

I'm also in for the stitch marker swap! Didn't know that they are be so funky and cute! I've got only those plain plastic ones!


At August 21, 2006 5:25 AM, Blogger maylin said...

Hi there,
Just to let you know that I posted your stitch markers off yesterday. Hopefully they will arrive by the end of the week, I hope you like them!

Bon tricoter

At August 24, 2006 10:21 AM, Blogger Mira said...

Thanks Maylin!!! I hope i'll get it sooon! I'll let u know once i've received it! Cheers!


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