Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This and that..

Okay I finally have internet connection at my new place, lights in the kitchen and living room (FINALLY!), and the washing machine works! So much has happened for the past few weeks and i'm just glad that stuff are working at the new place...
Lately a lot of reading has been done, knitting blogs that is, not any of my textbooks hehe! And to see people's stash of yarn, oh those beautiful gorgeous yarns, just makes me feel want to hide my acrylic yarns...and it's not even a stash! Yarn is soo expensive and even if i were to buy online i would need a credit card...siigh! Does anyone know about buying yarn online that does not require any use of credit cards? Has anybody bought yarn buy transferring money or bank drafts?? Please leave a comment and let me know...Desperately want to buy good yarn for once and Paypal is not helping either as they require credit cards too!
I want sock yarn! sock yarn. sock yarn. soft colourful sock yarn. AND I want to learn how to knit socks too! Anyone can suggest a good site? Wish I could enter the sock war...sounds a lot of fun "killing" your partners with your completed knitted socks!
Currently, I'm knitting the Feather and Fan Scarf from Knitpicks. After knitting like 12 inches long...I just realised that it's TOOOOO wide for a scarf! It's uhh...10 inches wide!!! I was probably too excited and the pattern was so pretty that I just kept on knitting without even considering the size...Oh gosh after i block it it's gonna be even bigger! Encouragement from my friend had kept me knitting it so I hope that i'll have the patience to finish the whole thing =)
This is the best pic I could take with my mobile...
note to self: start on scarf for funky scarf swap!!


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