Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's here! It's here! It's heeere!

LOOK what I got in the post yesterday!

It's the package from my stitch marker swap partner! Ahhh after 10 days of waiting it finally came and it was more than just stitch markers! This is my first swap and thank you Maylin for the gorgeous ball of yarn!! She had wrapped the goodies in a silk scarf (which is the colourful piece of cloth that you see under the yarn and stitch markers). The ball of yarn was flattened like pancake when I got it so I didn't suspect at all that there was going to be a ball of yarn inside =)

Plassard yarn 100% cotton

50g; 170m

The actual colour looks better though...I dunno what to knit yet but I definitely need to use a small set of needles...

The stitch markers are pretty too! The rings are pretty huge and sturdy. The little stars makes all the difference don't it?? So cute!

Now I feel bad that about the package of stitch markers that I've sent to my partner. After reading many blogs and now only I realise that people DO put in a lot of effort in sending packages! Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.


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