Thursday, October 11, 2007

SP package and cuppie cakes

I am back in Malaysia, again...Ok the whole job search thingy did not work out in Singapore..sigh..So I'm back here, for Eid celebration which is in like 2 days. After that I hope/believe/trust that I can get a job here by the end of this month!

I haven't been blogging much..why?? ask my darn laptop keyboard! It just loves to make my life miserable! Remember I had mentioned that the number 2, w, s, and x key were not working? So I had a hard time typing and sending emails.

I received my first SP package quite some time ago, but I just didn't have the chance to blog about it. Yeah, going online over there is really a hassle and to top it up the keyboard was driving me nuts. Oh by the way, I just bought a USB keyboard..yeah the ones for PC, yeah I know it's bigger than the laptop, but I don't care! I can TYPE!!!! That's why you see my yapping away now!!!!

Umm yeah back to SP it is...

That's Interweave Knits Magazine summer 2007 issue. I love love love the Oriel lace blouse pattern! The orange case you see is the needle case and on top of it are 4 cute little stitch markers that spells my name....Thank you SP...

That ball of yarn is Kid Merino Crystal Palace Yarn and it came with a scarf pattern too. Unfortunately the yarn gives me the itches so I won't be able to use it. I think maybe I'll knit it for somebody else, since it's too hot here to wear scarves.

When I was in Singapore I managed to join Regg, Jollin and Zi Yun for their weekly knit meet up! It was always something that I look forward to every week since I do nothing there but sit on my ass hoping that I'll hear from someone who wants to hire me...mmmmhmmm...

These 3 gals gave me motivation to knit! Each one of them had some major WIP going on...and hardly come up with any FOs hehe! When I told Regg that I was going to go back to Malaysia, she had actually planned with the other two gals to give me a farewell dinner! I mean like OMG!

I was really spoiled I had no words to say. I mean...not just dinner...look what they made me..

The one on the left is a cupcake made by Zi Yun that came WITH a cupcake holder that fits it perfectly (super cute!) AND she had put some rose potpurri inside too!

The one on the right is made by Regg. I love the the brown yarn it looks good enough to eat! so chocolatey! Regg also gave me a ball of sock yarn which I couldn't take a good picture of it. The colours either comes up too bright or too dark on the picture..crap..

Jollin gave me a real, chocolate cupcake! sprinkled with cute lil tiny pink edible decorations! Unfortunately, it errr..did not make it to the photo shoot. Don't blame was too irresistible *grin*

Thanks for that wonderful evening gals! All of you really made me feel so happy! and yes totally spoiled! I'm grateful for my knitter friends =) =)

Okay enough of me yapping..I luurve lurrve ma new keyboard! Stay tuned for....WIP progress maybe?

Happy knitting y'all!


At October 12, 2007 1:25 AM, Blogger R a i n said...

Welcome back yo! Good to yap away with you after ages!!!

Lurve the cupcakes!

At October 12, 2007 12:42 PM, Blogger JL said...

Happy Holiday.

At October 12, 2007 1:23 PM, Blogger mona said...

Love the cupcakes! Happy Eid.

At October 16, 2007 1:16 PM, Blogger SummerCraftz said...

glad tat u enjoy yr stay in sg. hope to see u soon again~ :>


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