Friday, September 15, 2006

Excitement all the way...

The past week has been quite a busy and exciting one....Been spending a lot of time with my sis and her 3 daughters! We had so much to catch up on and as usual funny stories about the kids...Oh gosh the youngest is cute as ever!! I told her I missed her a lot since I last saw her...and her reply? "yeah I know, everybody does.." Hahaha I just burst out laughing and didn't know how to reply to her. At 7 years old, if you think that she only watches cartoon network and disney channel, you're wrong.....even I was wrong...She can name all the characters in F.R.I.E.N.D.S! She likes Monica lol! I had spent the weekend with them at the hotel and she asked me how many days till she could see me again. When I told her 5 days because I have classes...she had put on a really sad face...And I promised myself I would finish up my assignment as soon as possible so that I can reserve this coming weekend especially for them. All three girls are my princesses. Haha and they don't call me aunty..just by my name and I prefer that...

Funky Scarf isn't doing so well. The 2 balls of yarn has short yardage. I've knitted almost a ball of yarn and the length is barely 1/3 of the whole scarf! So now I have to figure out what to do. I'll probably use it with some other yarn. But so looks good and oh my gosh so so soft! Oh yeeahh I went for a meet up for local knitters at one of the Starbucks in town last weekend. The other knitters brought along so many WIP and they are gorgeous!

But LOOK what I've got for myself today! It's 2 balls of shiny and really soft yarn from a LYS. It was love at first sight...literally! For sure this pic doesn't show the best of the colours. It actually has strands of shiny yarn intertwined in between.

No I have more stories to tell! I brought them home and wanted to wind them into 2 balls so that I could start knitting myself a scarf with it (yes, another scarf). My bud had told me how to wind them into balls so that the yarn can be pulled out from the cen
tre of the ball. But she had told me that someone needs to hold the skein so that I can take the yarn properly and it would not get tangled up. My younger sis was having dinner and I was to excited and impatient for her to finish. thinking to tangled up can it be anyways...i'll just simply lay it out nicely on the bed and then i'll slowly pull it and wind it into a ball....So the process begins *hmm so far so good, nothing's tangled*....I had wound it around my thumb and hence the 'swollen thumb' haha!

And then...HORROR! the yarn was tangled beyond rescue! I had only 9 working fingers to free those poor strands of yarn all tangled up cos my thumb was 'swollen' with yarn..okay no need to panic it was just tangled up shouldn't be a problem to remove it no its okay keep going it shouldn't be too bad only this much of yarn to go on yeah should have listen to her need another person to hold the skein no this can't be too bad.........but in the end...i had this...

No R a i n, don't laugh! it was scarryy! yeah i should have listen to you but........a lot of the shiny stuff came off :( then what? Called my sis and she came to the rescue...and after a lot of patience patience patience finally I had a ball of yarn (middle pic, the one that looks like a bee hive)..okay next skein my sis gladly offered to hold it up for me...5 minutes! and I got a nicer ball of yarn (right pic)

Ahhhhh fiiinaally! oh right now they are lock up in a zip lock bag before they scare me any more with super tangled yarn!


At September 16, 2006 1:06 AM, Blogger R a i n said...

loooooooool....nice going miss swollen thumb!


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