Saturday, September 02, 2006

Good deals that made the day

Friday night turned out to be better than I thought. A misunderstanding during lab today, well my fault really, had spoilt my mood. My mistake had apparently ticked off the lecturer and then I was interrogated after that too...Hmmm opening the lid of a machine can definitely bring adverse consequences!

Anywhoo, adventures after uni was much better! Got myself more knitting needles to expand my collection! I got some Japanese bamboo needles from a Japanese shop. New stock had came in so me and my friend were too excited and want to buy whatever size that we didn't have. I bought a pair of size 15 needles (6.6mm) and also a pair of size 4 needles (3.3mm). I shall use the bigger pair of needles to knit the scarf for my funky scarf swap partner. The smaller one...uhh..I just had to have it...Best thing was the needles were on 20% discount! Found out that the discount goes on till this Sunday so we're definitely getting more before the sale ends hehe!

Oh yeah I still have an assignment to do..But it's friday night! Bring out the knitting and Friends Season 8...Ciao!


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