Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good news...what more could I ask for?

We managed to finish up the assignment and pass it up on time! But it did involve a lot of running to the submission box! Well that's done but I've more waiting for me *procrastinates*

But I've got better news. My elder sis has returned here for a holiday with her 3 beautiful daughters! =) =) =) I'm just so thrilled to have them back here!! I just can't wait to meet up with them. Keep forgetting that the girls are no longer small! Two elder ones are already teenagers and the youngest, a 7 year old, can win anybody's heart with the cute-factor that she has! It just so great spending time with them cos i get to be a kid too haha....Hopefully they'll stay longer so that we get to hang out more often.

More good news?? Yes indeed! Mom just told me that our cousin just had a baby boy last week!!! He's a tiny fellow weighing about 2.9kgs. And yes they've already name him Joshua. Another new member of the family yay! ohhh i can't wait to see how he looks like but then they live waaaaay up north.....I guess i'll see ya during the next family reunion Joshua! It was also a coincidence when I read a fellow blogger's post that she just got a newborn niece, who is also thrilled to have a new member in the family...and what do you know?? ......I love babies. I love children. I actually thought of babysitting as a part time job but never got to it..But I use to babysit my 3 nieces when my sis was away for a few days. That was fun! My younger sis says that kids are adorable when they are nice and cute but they start whining and throwing tantrum, "get them away from me!" hahah....

I've also signed up for
SP9. This is my first so gotta say I'm pretty excited about it!


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