Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sorta Wordless Wednesday

Exams are over...for good


Even the skies look pretty!

Knitting updates coming soon (=

Friday, June 08, 2007

A contest link

Hey all, I'm still here....only in exam mode. I had my first paper yesterday and I tell you it's a joke. All that studying for nothing! I thought I went to the wrong venue and sat for the wrong paper. My hope to excel in that subject...gone!

Oh well now have to focus on the last two papers. I didn't get much knitting done tho, but I did frog my clapotis. Yes, I'm doing it again - frogging a WIP to make a totally different project. I decided that I won't have enough yarn to knit up a long enough Clapotis. So it is now

So anyways this will be a short post so I'll leave you with a contest to enter
here. Of course there will be yarn prizes! So what are you waiting for, go now! Ah yes don't forget to mention that you found the link from my blog okie?

Happy knitting everyone and wish me luck for the exams!!

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