Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another baby hat

Baby knits are the best! They knit up quickly and are instant FOs!

Here's one that I knitted for a 7 month old baby...
(You're most welcome Rain) (no she DOESN'T have a baby! She's giving it as a pressie)

Needles: 4mm Addi bamboo circulars
Size: Approximately 12" in circumference
Yarn: Bella Baby Puppet in Pink (much less than one ball!)

This hat was knitted flat and seamed together using mattress stitch. Can you see the seam in this picture? No, right?? That's how awesome mattress stitch is! I love it when I pull the yarn to bring the two sides together. It's like magic! As if it was knitted in the round.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby Hat and Mini OSW

I have been knitting, really...And I've got a couple of FOs to show off =)

First up, a really cute baby hat that I knitted for a 6 week old baby girl, Honeybun, a name her 3 year old sister calls her. How cute is that?

Vine Lace Baby Hat

Pattern: Vine Lace Baby Hat
Needles: Brittany 3mm dpns
Yarn: Katia Capri 100% cotton - Half a ball

I also made a pair of Saarje's Bootees with the rest of the yarn, but for the life of me, I forgot to snap a pic of it before I gave the lil baby! But they were really really adorable and the booties are sturdy.

Not wanting to let her elder sister feel left out, I knitted a mini One Skein Wonder for her...

OSW - front

Pattern: One Skein Wonder
Needle: 3mm Addi circulars
Size: 13" width for arm to arm
Yarn: Schachenmayr Catania 100% - 1 ball

I'm really really proud of this FO. I actually made sure that I made no mistakes and I looove how the ribbing turned out. Took me quite a few attempts to pick up the stitches properly so that it doesn't look 'joined'. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of her wearing it though, she was sleeping when I was visiting.

OSW - back OSW - ribbing

It's really lovely to see the expression of people receiving knitted gifts. These girls' mom was shocked to see something so cute can actually be hand knitted. I think when something is knitted with love, it will turn out just beautiful!

Friday, October 26, 2007

A gift from SP11

Here's what she got me!


Yep it's Orangina by Stefanie Japel

Thanks SP! Now I'm thinking of what yarn to knit it with...Hmmm..

And here is a book that I finished reading

Turns out it's not a typical story line of a typical novel...Pick up the book and you'll see ;-) I'd recommend it!

I has charisma

Maybe I should bring this along with me to job interviews

Charisma. I Has It.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A gift of purple goodness..

Gifted to me by Rain when I needed A LOT of cheering up

What's better than yarn therapy and an awesome buddy??

Thanks babe! It'll always be a special skein to me! *hugshugshugs*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

8 random facts about me

Once upon a time (yeah I'm a bad blogger!), Rain tagged me for 8 random things about myself. Sorry this took so long...Hmmm I've been thinking about 8 things to write about so here goes...

Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged.

Fact 1:

I'm a freak when it comes to taking care of books. If I buy a novel I have to wrap it asap, and there must be no doggy ears, folded/bent/torn pages! All my books, textbooks or novels are in brand new condition. Yes, even after I read them. Nope they hardly have any creases on the book binding and I am pretty reluctant to lend it to other people if I know my perfect book pages are at stake hehe!

Fact 2:
When I was 8 years old, I had played in the bath tub back home - lots of bubbles and water fun. Somehow I had tripped in the tub and landed on my chin...The skin had split and imagine my mom's shock when I ran to her about it with blood all over. I didn't get stitches on my chin because my MOM was scared, so I went to school with a plaster on my chin for about a week!
About a couple of weeks later, I resumed the bath tub fun. Yep, you guessed it, I fell again...On the same spot! Today, I have two scars on the same spot on my chin!

Fact 3:
In reference to Fact 2, I am a clumsy person. Mmmhmm..very much so! I have a tendency to bump into things which are not even in my way. I'll somehow kick the leg of the bed, scratch my leg somewhere, bump my head, etc etc.

Fact 4:
I can't touch/hold/pet animals. Nu'uh! no way! Gimme a cute kitty/puppy I will say 'awww soooo cuuute' but that's about it! I can't pet them cos the feeling of their hair on my skin freaks me out. I can't hold them because underneath all that nice fur is a body that moves. I just can't stand the feeling of their body moving on my hands.

Fact 5:
If I drink coffee or eat something minty, like chewing gum, I will sneeze at least once or twice. Is that an allergy??

Fact 6:
I would love to take up photography as a hobby and take awesome pictures! Some of you can really take nice pictures

Fact 7:
I am quite a morning person (not that I wake up early hehe). I know some of you out there are totally not, but whether I've had good/bad sleep I can still wake up in the morning and smile! lol!

Fact 8:

I love and heart chocolate! Especially since I discovered dark chocolate! When I was young, during one of the Chinese New Year celebrations, I had to much chocolate and soda combined till I was sick with fever. Yeh, it was a new year spent in bed recuperating!

Hmmm who to tag now...Most of you whose blogs I read have done this meme before...But if you're still reading this, consider yourself tagged!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SP package and cuppie cakes

I am back in Malaysia, again...Ok the whole job search thingy did not work out in Singapore..sigh..So I'm back here, for Eid celebration which is in like 2 days. After that I hope/believe/trust that I can get a job here by the end of this month!

I haven't been blogging much..why?? ask my darn laptop keyboard! It just loves to make my life miserable! Remember I had mentioned that the number 2, w, s, and x key were not working? So I had a hard time typing and sending emails.

I received my first SP package quite some time ago, but I just didn't have the chance to blog about it. Yeah, going online over there is really a hassle and to top it up the keyboard was driving me nuts. Oh by the way, I just bought a USB keyboard..yeah the ones for PC, yeah I know it's bigger than the laptop, but I don't care! I can TYPE!!!! That's why you see my yapping away now!!!!

Umm yeah back to SP package...here it is...

That's Interweave Knits Magazine summer 2007 issue. I love love love the Oriel lace blouse pattern! The orange case you see is the needle case and on top of it are 4 cute little stitch markers that spells my name....Thank you SP...

That ball of yarn is Kid Merino Crystal Palace Yarn and it came with a scarf pattern too. Unfortunately the yarn gives me the itches so I won't be able to use it. I think maybe I'll knit it for somebody else, since it's too hot here to wear scarves.

When I was in Singapore I managed to join Regg, Jollin and Zi Yun for their weekly knit meet up! It was always something that I look forward to every week since I do nothing there but sit on my ass hoping that I'll hear from someone who wants to hire me...mmmmhmmm...

These 3 gals gave me motivation to knit! Each one of them had some major WIP going on...and ahem..me...I hardly come up with any FOs hehe! When I told Regg that I was going to go back to Malaysia, she had actually planned with the other two gals to give me a farewell dinner! I mean like OMG!

I was really spoiled I had no words to say. I mean...not just dinner...look what they made me..

The one on the left is a cupcake made by Zi Yun that came WITH a cupcake holder that fits it perfectly (super cute!) AND she had put some rose potpurri inside too!

The one on the right is made by Regg. I love the the brown yarn it looks good enough to eat! so chocolatey! Regg also gave me a ball of sock yarn which I couldn't take a good picture of it. The colours either comes up too bright or too dark on the picture..crap..

Jollin gave me a real, chocolate cupcake! sprinkled with cute lil tiny pink edible decorations! Unfortunately, it errr..did not make it to the photo shoot. Don't blame me...it was too irresistible *grin*

Thanks for that wonderful evening gals! All of you really made me feel so happy! and yes totally spoiled! I'm grateful for my knitter friends =) =)

Okay enough of me yapping..I luurve lurrve ma new keyboard! Stay tuned for....WIP progress maybe?

Happy knitting y'all!

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