Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

The crazy episode of submitting the research thesis is over...I just hope that all my efforts were good enough.

Chinese New Year came and went...well all I can say it's not the best CNY. We didn't get to drive back up north to gather with the rest of the extended family members. This year, there was no gathering at all. For one thing my summer research ended only a day before the big reunion dinner that was supposed to be held on the eve of the new year. I was particularly sad when we could not meet up with the cousins, the aunts, the uncles. I only get to see them once a year..oh well, hopefully next year...

So this year, we had celebrated at my aunt's house instead, which is within the same city that i'm living. We had a small reunion dinner...but look at the food!

There were a total of 9 mom cooked, my aunt cooked too, the rest of us..our job is to eat =)

One of the dishes mom made: roasted chicken with apple sauce

You can just imagine how immobile I was after the big feast! Definitely a fusion of chinese and western food this year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to those who celebrate! *where's my ang pow??*

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Socks pour moi!

*sneeze sneeze sneeze* ahhh excuse me! but I've got a flu!! Nose has been leaking since yesterday!


I'm here to post about my socks!!

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My second F.O. for this year!

The cuffs are a tat bit too big so next time I know I'll have to cast on less stitches. After knitting, I still have a handful of yarn left which is definitely enough for at least a pair of baby socks =)

Oh wait!

Look! It's mini me!

Still waiting for its twin =)

Hmmm I should cast on for the twin, but nooo I've got my thesis to START which is due in errr 3 days. 10000 word thesis + barely 3 days + no clue whatsoever = pass with flying colours! awesome! I'm gonna blame it all on this dang flu *sniff*. Presentation will be in a few days too and I don't wanna be wiping my leaky nose in front of the examiners eeepp!!

Okay people I'm gonna get back to my very very interesting thesis writing *yawn*

Happy knitting!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Birthday yarn.... what I have and you don't =P

Yep yep its my birthday today and I got a present from my BUD Rain!!

Look look!

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It's four balls of Peony yarn in the most gorgeous colour!! Magenta (I think)

She knew that I wanted these yarns really badly cos I wanted to knit a top for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Sneaky her went all the way to the yarn shop in town to get it for moi!!

Thanks babe! Love ya!!!

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It's so sooo soffttttt!! *kept molesting it* =)

I can't wait to knit it...but first I have to finish my sock...Ah no I haven't finished it yet...Here's the progress so far..

The awesome yarn I got from SP
Just between you and me...errrr..the left sock is slighter bigger than the right *don't tell anyone okay??*

Time flew past and the day is over. I turn 22 today. Thought I could skip the birthday and remain 21 hehe! Anybody has the same birthday as me?? Leave a comment!!

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