Saturday, December 23, 2006

Flower Basket Shawl

Out of frustration because of the failed F.O, I casted on for Flower Basket Shawl. This is my first time knitting lace =)

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Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow
Colour: Vineyard
Circulars 4mm

I'm off to a bad start *sniff* I've been making sooo many mistakes and its not easy to fix either. So if you're reading this send me some good luck vibes aite??? Leave a comment anytime.

I'm going to get back to it now. Pretty exciting!!

Check out the dark chocolate coated mini marshmellowssss that I made last night (",)

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Failed F.O.

I have an FO to show...yeah right!

Okay the mon petit chou is off the needles! finally!

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I love it....but it doesn't fit...yep...u heard DOESN'T FIT! aarrgghhhh!!!!!

Apparently I measured my ribcage wrongly! I thought it was my fault but how do you explain when I measured again and it was still wrong! My actual measurement is 3 inches more! 3 inches more!!!! That would mean I had casted on waaaayy less stitches for it! Oh deear deear my hard work! not that it's a tat too waaaay tooo smallll! Ugh that stupid measuring tape! I should throw it!

Rain had asked me to try it on while I was knitting to see if it fits...but nooooo...unless my ribcage shrinks...there's no way for me to wear it....I was already thinking of what ribbons to get to make the straps...sniff...

I haven't decided whether I should:

1. Send to the frog pod (oh the horror!)

2. Do some major surgery to make it fit me..

3. Find someone with a 31" ribcage

Wanna vote for it??

Okay enough of drama for the day....

I went to the mall yesterday and just look at the christmas decoration they've put up:

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Looks good enough to eat...

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A few of the many christmas trees they've decorated

I don't celebrate Christmas but I'll be visiting friends and families who do. I hope to knit something chrismassy but I don't know whether I'll have time...Have fun knitting all your Christmas gifts people!

Anyways, I'll leave you people with a picture of the most awesome strawberry cake I've ever had!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

first sock! my first sock :-D

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I actually sat down the whole day of one saturday to knit it. pretty cool stuff! I'll definitely knit a proper pair for myself. The picture on the right shows how tiny the sock is hehe...

As for the mon petit chou, I frogged the left bra cup (again!) and only to find out that I'm stuck at the same spot as before...I think there IS a mistake in the pattern somewhere...or is it just me?? But anyways, i just continued to finish it somehow..missing one stitch all the way..hope the mistake is not too obvious later on ;)

I'll definitely post some pics once I'm done with it...need to sew it off the needles..

Friday, December 01, 2006

the start of summer break!

Hello world...well okay I haven't been blogging for a long long time now. Had exams all this while and now finally summer break! Made a trip home for a week and now I'm back to start my summer research project. yeah, so much for a summer break! First day of research and its already stressful. Its not even the actual researching as yet! Wait till I have slog myself in the lab from morning till evening aaaaa! Lets hope all goes well and I'll have time to finish it before summer break ends.

Oo oo i got a lil present from Rain who made these beautiful stitch markers for moi!! Its purple, of course. She has mastered the art of making stitch markers mind you. Take a look...

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Aren't they pweetty and cute??

This was the best pic I could take with my phone camera (why is it so hard to take pics of stitch markers??)

So what knitting related stuff I've been doing?? Well....during exams I casted on Mon Petit Chou with the one ball of cascade cotton yarn that Sarah gave me. It was the exact ingredient to make the bra..I won't have enough to make the hipster. I knitted the right cup within two days with the least problem (during exams of course) and after exams I tried knitting the left cup and until today I have yet to finish them. They just won't let me finish them off! I've frogged it more than 5 times till the yarn is worn out too. Now it's just on my table staring back at me..ugh!

Conclusion? I knit better during exams :S

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I just love how the pattern comes out!

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Please puhleeasse lemme knit you!

Rain has also kindly lent me a book to learn how to knit socks...along with her 2.5mm dpns *woohooo*. The bra will have to wait until it stops showing its temper at me. Soooo that means I'm gonna knit my fiiirst pair of socks people! yaaay! Any advices for a beginner would be appreciated (=

I'm off to knitting socks....

Seee ya!

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