Sunday, April 29, 2007

Butterfly vest


oooooo the computer has mercy on me today, I'd better update this soon before it acts up again!!

Well well well..hmmm okay are some pictures

It's z hem frill for z buttefly vest

Yes its bye bye DFS and hello butterfly vest =)

So far I've completed both the hem frills and started knitting the body. But I seem to be stuck. I'm decreasing the sides and somehow I'm starting the pattern with YO. confusing confusing.

Hmmm I ain't go much to write this time...

But this song is in my head:
Everybody dance now! *insert funky beat here*

Friday, April 27, 2007


D\o\ y\ou \se\e\ \a\ \\p\r\o\b\lem\ \h\e\re?|?\
\\I do\.\\ \\\.\.\.\
\\\\|F\\e\\\e\l\ \f\r\e\e\ to g\et\ \\m\e\ \a \new\ \la\p\t\op\\
\\thi\s\ \\t\\otal\ly \\s\u\c\k\s\
\an\d\ \darn\ \a\n\n\oy\in\g\

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday night calorimetry

What does one do after rushing all day to finish a genetics essay about the role of a particular gene in the development of human pancreas?? like oH mY gOd we won't have a pancreas if the gene is mutated!!

After I got home, I just wanted to sit and knit. I've been deprived from the luxury of knitting and watching tv series cos of assignments.

So friday night....This is what I did...

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A couple episodes of Lost later...

My fastest FO!! It's Calorimetry from

When my cousin wanted me to knit a 'head band' as a present for her collegue's upcoming birthday, first thing that crossed my mind was to knit a calorimetry. I followed the pattern at first but it turned out to be WAY to big! Something's wrong with the pattern.

So I casted on 100 stitches using 4mm needles. I definitely did much less short row repeats than what the pattern had said.

This time, it turned out to be much better than the first. A perfect fit!!

I HAD to try it on..I want one for myself too!

Now I just need to get a orange button...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Knitting Goodies

About two weeks ago, I got these:

From left: 2 balls of Knitpicks Palette in blue, Shadow lace yarn in colours Sunset and Vineyard

I plan to knit a pair of socks for me mom using the Palette yarn. But the colour turned out to be quite different from what I saw on the Knit Picks website. It's a in too blue for a pair of socks..Maybe I'll dye it?

Stitch 'n Bitch 2007 calendar

It's definitely with colours all throughout. However, I will have to tear out each day because the whole calender is 365 pieces of paper glued at the side, so I can't flip the paper to the back as the days go by. I did that and the 'Jan-March' part just fell off. It would have been good if it was spiral bound.

Another thing - if you already have Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, I wouldn't advice you to buy this one. There are quite a few patterns that are already in SnB Nation. Other than patterns, it has knitting tips, facts, websites to visit and yarn reviews.

Knitting Journal

I quite like this one and I've started using it already. It even has pockets for you to keep your favourite yarn labels. And a plastic zipper bag to store stitch markers and stuff.

I got both the journal and the calendar from Amazon. It was shipped to the US and the very talented Kitman had kindly offered to take them back for moi when she came back here. Even the Knit picks loot! Thanks Kitman!!

Go over to Kitman's blog to have a look at her really pretty designs!

Well people, I have an essay due tomorrow. After that it's.the.weekend!

A Prayer

What happen in Va Tech. still left me in a shock. It's just unimaginable that one person could take away 32 other lives at one go.

Some of them were only teenagers.

That's 32 families painfully affected
That's 32 mothers and fathers aching for the loss of their son/daughter
Siblings mourn for their loss

So lets have a moment of silence to mourn for the families of the victims.

Lets pray.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blocked long last!

Thanks guys for leaving me suggestions about the butterfly dress!

I think I've more or less decided that I'll knit the dress...okay not the full length but a shorter version of it. I can never pull that dress off! Plus I think DFS is tired of me knitting it with mistakes all the time. Right now I don't even know what the mistake is and I've left it for more than a week now. But I vow that I shall not frog and cast on for the butterfly until after I've passed up my assignments!

I don't think I'll be able to get my hands on any Knitpicks yarn anytime soon. So I'll make do with the alpaca cloud that I have.

Want to see what I did when reading scientific journals was eating up my brain cells???

I finally blocked my Flower Basket Shawl!!!
(Note: My first time blocking and I really have to improve on that, any tips?)

It's actually deep purple in colour

Officially blocked and I'm loving it!!

Well right now reality has hit me that one of my assignments is due tomorrow! So I will have to get back to that. Dang scientific journals!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WIPs during mid sem break

It's the mid sem break! one week and it's almost over!! I've been watching errmm 1 1/2 season of Lost. (Note to self: start assignments soon!) I thought Lost was some silly idea of making 3 seasons (and counting) of episodes about a whole bunch of people stranded on an island. But boy was I wrong! Since friday, I've been doing nothing but watching Lost...while ahem! of course, knitting....

Currently I have two WIPs:

Sweater for Cousin P
Yarn: Schachenmayr Apollo 100% Acrylic
Needles: Susan Bates 4.5mm

Lets hope I get to finish it...this year?? The progress so far that you see was knitted while watching Lost and I still have about 6 or 7 inches more to go before I reach the armhole.

Its a simple stockinette all throughout except for the front of the sweater with the pattern that u see in the picture. The yarn is pretty dark and that's the best picture I could take of it. It's dark maroon in colour.

My other WIP:

Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Yarn: Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud (double knit)
Needles: 4.5mm Addi circulars

I'm on to the 6th repeat of the pattern and I'm stuck with a mistake...yet to be fixed....

But then...Rain discovered this...

Butterfly dress from Knit Picks

Its knitted with only 2 skeins of alpaca cloud! and thats what I have!! Tempting me to frog DFS and knit the dress instead..hmmMMMM!

Dress or DFS??

DFS or Dress???

Help me decide will you??

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SP9 jam

While some of you are receiving your first package for SP10, I got my last package for SP9!! There was a whole delay because the package was returned to my spoiler. I was really excited cos this was the last package I'll be receiving because I have not participated in any more swaps.

Sadly ..... luck was not on my side and the worst had happened. My spoiler had kindly included some home made strawberry(?) jam in the box, but I think the box gave up travelling so far away and it caved in...broke the jar into a million pieces and so the jam and smeared all over the yarn and other goodies *sniff*

When I went to collect the package from the post office, I had received it in a plastic bag sealed by the customs department, like it was an evidence from a crime scene or something. I thought my spoiler had sent some hand lotion or something and I was telling myself that I could wash it off...

Oh boy oh boy did I have a shock when I open and saw the contents!

Yes you DO see addi needles there! Bamboo addis in different sizes but I had to throw away the plastic containing them because the jam had soaked the whole thing. On the right is the jam and I'm sorry if this picture is scaring you.

Do you KNOW what yarn I got?? my first ever Rowan jam..I thought I couldn't rescue it at all but Rain saved the day and she had lent me some wool wash to recover them. I've wound them into skeins to dry them properly. I hope there's no more jam on the yarn eeekk...It was all sticky before. Oh there there were some cable needles and stitch markers too but I can't seem to get clear pictures of them.

Here's a more decent picture of the yarn

Rowan Tapestry

70% wool 30% soy bean fibre

The yarn is pretty delicate and I think I lost some fibres while washing it. I haven't decided what to do with the yarn yet. If any of you have suggestions feel free to leave a comment =)

Thanks Sophie for spoiling me...especially with the addis! I've put them to good use!

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